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Friday, April 27, 2012

Most of April

The taxes are submitted (kind of) and the tulips are already starting to fade and I haven't finished a post for the month. I have started several but something always comes up. So, I have decided to give you a "travel log" of some of the fun things we have done with all the time that has flown by.

On warm days we go to parks. "Awesome Parks" as E calls them. We go to A LOT of parks. I like to switch it up often,  but there are a few MOST Awesome Parks:

The most awesome awesome parks have hills for running down at top speed:

and "forests" for exploring rocks, sticks, and pinecones:

On rainy, cold, windy days we stay inside and experiment with colors (notice the left over red above his lip):

Some days we take a trip to KEVA, the indoor sports park, where E can dunk to his heart's delight:

or just drag the big parachute around:

We have also set out to re-try foods that have been put on the "yuk-o" list. The new favorite is cereal, but I'll let E tell you about it himself (with his mouth full)...

So there you have it, most of April, and plenty of E!