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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Very Busy Summer (The Prolouge)

It has been a very busy, and very HOT summer.
Hard to find any extra time to keep up to date on the blog.
We have been camping, visiting Chicago, playing with the brothers and Papa (who has actually had some summer time off from work), swimming, touring sprinkler parks, eating ice cream, visiting the Northwoods, and playing outside whenever it's not too hot. No time for blog writing.

Elias is growing up so fast. His vocabulary is expanding every day. A month ago we started a list of words that he says in his own special ways and some of our favorite sentences:

marsh-ellows = marshmellows
oveeen= oven
mac chee chees = mac n cheese
billies = birdies
llellow = yellow (favorite color)
Amdeo = Amedeo
papa sickle= popsicles
gas stang stang = gas station as in "I am going to the gas stang stang with Papa and Amdeo."
levins= vitamins
be comes = will be coming as in "The Countess be comes here."
definitly=definitly as in "I definitly want ni-nis on the couch."
tay de plef de fef OR tay de plfef de lull (with tounge out at the end) = I have no idea what this means. They are E's special phrases. He will ask "Mama what do you say?" and I say, "What do I say?" and I usually get one of these phrases with a giggle.
That's one for the birdies = don't put the food that fell on the floor in my mouth. (He says this regardless of where we are when the food falls ... inside, outside, at the resturant).

By now he has self-corrected most of these words and pretty much speaks  in full sentences. He's not even two yet! Yes, he is a genius. ;)

And yes, I will get back to work on the blog! Look for upcoming posts about all the summer excitment that has been had!