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Hi! I am Kati (a.k.a Mom-O or Mom-ala).
Parent, with a couple of degrees I use everyday, just not for money.

After a life of various scholarly pursuits, recovery from addiction, and struggling to find my way I met Diet Coke Papa. Without whom I would not be the kind of parent I want to be or am. (I have hopes that he may one day share a post or two.)

We share this journey with our babies Babe-O (3) and Babe-ala (10 months) and with Deo (24) and Home Skillet (20), (Diet Coke Papa's older children).

Babe-O was born September 2010 (3 years). A natural birth at a hospital. His favorite color is yellow. He has a personality reminiscent of sweet and sour sauce.You just can't eat an egg roll without him. And we all know life is just one big egg roll.

Babe-ala was born April 2013 (10 months) also a natural hospital birth. She's like milk, butter, and honey all rolled up in fresh baked doughy bread. She is that sweet and snugly. If you can't find her, she has made her way to bathroom and is waiting for a good warm bath.

Deo is Diet Coke Papa's oldest son (24 years). He has a rare genetic disease called Friedreich's Ataxia. He has a heart of gold and overcomes many challenges everyday. He is the strongest person we know. In another life, he would have been the world's greatest doctor.

Home Skillet is Diet Coke Papa's middle son (20 years). He is on mission in Italy right now. He loves bacon (who doesn't), God, and all of us (not necessarily in that order).We miss him like crazy.

Here is a random number of things about me that you may find interesting or not:

1.  I believe in the benefits of extended breastfeeding and child led weaning. I also know it's not for everyone. After and during several recurrent and severe ductile infections with both Babe-O and Babe-ala I continue to breastfeed and while there are difficult days I am glad that I never gave up. It's my #1 BEST THING.

2. We practice attachment parenting and consensual living. What does that mean for us? It means I breastfeed and we sleep with our children.
It means we strive to treat our children the way we want to be treated, despite our age and developmental differences. It means we truly believe that our children are reasonable human beings and we opt to listen to them and talk with them. It means our family has no rules. Our family has one agreement (which we often revisit): we don't hurt others and we don't hurt property.

3. We value healthy living. Our diet and exercise is important to us. AND we love cookies. AND I can NOT live without coffee AND I will NEVER try. (I gave up alcohol and that's that. No more to say about it.)

3. I have bad days. I have really bad days. I am NOT perfect.
I look to books, blogs, nature, my husband, and to our kids for parenting inspiration.

4. I don't do photo shoots. I am NOT America's Next Top Model. I rarely brush my hair. If my clothes match it's merely a coincidence. If my socks match it's a REALLY good day.

5. Unschooling is the name of the game in our house.

6. Making things is rawsome! I don't let a day go by without making something. It might be PB&J but most of the time it's something drawn, painted, sewn, knit, needled, so on and so forth.

7. OUTSIDE is the BEST remedy for what ales me. (It also works pretty good for toddlers who can't shake the meanies and babies who don't want to go to sleep. Nighttime walks are the cats pajamas!)

The Best Things is a place for me to record and share our journey and connect with others. You will find blogging about creative projects, our "best books," healthy recipes, simple living, and parenting.

Thanks for visiting my space!
This blog is in the beginnings of development.
My wish is that you might come along for the ride! I look forward to connecting.


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