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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh the many things a bathtub can do!

Lately motherhood seems to be an exercise in knowing when to conserve energy and when to expend it.  For example:
Late night party at the Palmer House... spend it!
Slam dunk contest in the living room...spend it!
How many parks can we visit in one day?...spend it!
It is SO early, E is rarin' to go and I haven't had a cup of coffee it!

Baths are great for saving energy! E loves to play in the water and all I have to do is supervise.
Muffin cup experiments are even better than baths! Witness the awesomeness that is art AND science in the bathtub:

E mixes colors, scoops, drips and dips for over thirty minutes! I can clean the bathroom. And since there is no running water involved, I can make a cup of coffee. I can eat breakfast (in the now clean bathroom). I can read an article in a magazine (also in the bathroom). Then, when experiments are concluded, a quick clean up down the drain and a seamless transition to bath time.

A LOVELY morning!
For those with toddlers, here are the supplies we used:
Muffin tin
Food coloring
Action figure (Cookie Monster and Big Bird often need baths)
Various spoons and cups
Medicine droppers
A few rocks and sticks to drop in the cups

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  1. RrrrrrAWSOME idea! Mad Scientist/Genius Artist at work! :)
    One question...what did you put in the muffin cups that he is scooping and mixing? Aunty J