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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paint Like A Superhero!

Time to inspire some creativity in the hearts of aspiring super heros!
A few action figures and some finger paint is all that is needed. 

We had chases and mysteries to solve by following footprints. We had stuck in the muck criminals and criminals in paint-y jail. We had fun. A new way to tell the Batman story (or which ever superhero is your favorite). 


I tried posting the final painting. It doesn't look like much and feels wrong to emphasis the product on this one.  The story we told, the action that ensued, the mess, the giggles, the fun- these were the best parts of this project. Try it! So easy, so fun!


  1. You are right, the final product is not as important as the process. What a fun activity!

    1. Thanks! and thanks for the comment! It's too easy to miss out on the fun when we focus on the end goal. Better to measure our success on how much mess we can make!