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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sometimes Things Don't Go As You Planned

Well, actually, almost all of the time things don't go as I planned.
I have learned to am starting to am trying to accept that that is just how it is with a toddler and a baby.

Spring Break started with our awesome sort of sledding trip and ended with our interesting and awesome trip to Milwaukee, which was supposed to be a trip to Chicago, but those details are not important. In fact, many of the details are not important, as I will explain. But here they are anyway.

We stayed over in the "big" city for one night. We visited two museums, both of which were not exactly what we had expected. Stayed in one very trendy hotel (we found a Groupon). Ate at one, too fancy for kids, restaurant (also a Groupon's fault). We didn't leave on time, we didn't arrive on time. Our plans were ordered and reordered several times. We didn't have enough snacks packed for the time we were there. Naps and sleeping times were wildly disturbed. Some of us wandered the city in the VERY early morning hours trying to fall asleep and some of us wandered the city in the regular morning hours trying to let said sleepers get their rest. We argued over using public potties. We argued over putting on clothes and coats and diapers. BOTH of the phones seemed to be dead every time we wanted to take a picture and we forgot the camera at home.

But those are the details and without them being written down, I would have never remembered them. Here is what I will never forget about our Spring Break in Milwaukee:

Babe-O. I will never forget the wonder in your eyes as you picniced on the counter in front of the window to the city in our hotel room. You watched the traffic, the helicopters, the city workers as they submerged and emerged from man hole covers, the frozen river and the seagulls floating above the buildings. I will never forget that in all your awe, all your curiosity, you called for me. "Mama? Mama! Why did that worker go down there? He came back up! I am glad he came back up Mama! Mama! The batcopter! Mama? Why is the river frozen? What is on that building Mama?" I will never forget just how privileged and important I feel when you call for me to help you make sense of your world. I will never forget how much I look forward to being included in all your adventures everyday (make believe and otherwise). How your frenetic energy and elastic imagination are absolutely amazing and how I often feel sorry for outsiders who will never truly grasp the brilliance of your metaphors and story combinations. I think you are brilliant, intellectually and spiritually. I adore you. I just love being around you. I will never forget how, sometimes, in the right light, I look at you and see just how big you have gotten and how much bigger you will get. And how my heart aches to think of a time when you will let go.

Babe-ala. I will never forget how you squealed with utter delight as you splashed in the pool. How you fearlessly dunked your head underwater, blinked, and squealed some more. How you clung to me in the water, laughing and shouting, reaching for your brother who clung to your Papa. How your personality and spirit grow every day. How your smile can stop anyone in their tracks. You are magnificent. How I am so totally in love with you. I will never forget how we walked around the city in the morning light, exploring, just us. How we stopped in to the Cultural Center for a rest. How you slept on me under the gilded ceiling and marbled posts. How you cling to me everyday. How slowly and surely you will venture out into the world. How my heart aches to think of a time when you will let go.

Diet Coke Papa. I will always remember that no matter how bad the headache is, no matter how little sleep you have gotten, no matter how awry things have gone you are always up for anything. You are indefatigable. I will never forget that as we quietly ate and "contained" the kids in a restaurant that would have been perfect for any one of our - I can count on my hand the number of times we have been out alone since the baby was born - dates we were us, just us - our warm and fuzzy family, happily reading Scooby Doo (or wrecking havoc) and drinking water out of wine glasses under the watchful eye of the waitress. I will never forget - better together.

So when things don't go as planned, and it seems that I might be frazzled or frustrated, the truth is  that I would always rather go with you. There are no other people in the world better matched for me than the three of you.

There you have it. Spring Break. Over too soon.
No pictures.
No souvenirs.
Just memories.


  1. Yes, but what wonderful memories. I will always remember how, after hearing about Babe-o and I traveling the quiet streets of Milwaukee until 2 am in search of sleep (and despite your own exhaustion), you compassionately packed up Babe-ala and your inexhaustible curiosity and went exploring the city. Thanks to you we probably know more about the Fisherfolk of Jones Island than most people who live in Milwaukee. Hmm, I wonder where Babe-o gets his endless and exciting thirst for knowledge and his creative ability to make sense of the world around him?

    I will also never forget thinking, while we reveled in babe-ala’s squeals of delight as she took full advantage of her first time in a pool, how she reminds me more and more of you, from her obvious intelligence and tenacious personality down to her infectious smile and her ability to just totally let go and enjoy the moment (even when nothing is going as planned).

    I truly believe our ability to gain so much enjoyment from experiences like this hastily planned and poorly executed “vacation” is a tribute to the amazing mother and wife that you are. You are the lifeblood of this family and the core of our happiness (I know at times it is an overwhelming and unfair responsibility). You make all of the wonderful things around us happen, from snowflakes or New Year’s flags hanging in the windows, to Babe-o art or gratitude posters hanging on the wall, to solstice celebrations, sort-of sledding trips, and silk eggs on Easter trees, and all the other amazing moments you have created and will create for our children and this family (all while managing the multitude of mundane tasks of running a household).

    And I truly believe in my heart of hearts that it is all of these experiences that will connect our souls forever, so that while our precious babe-o and babe-ala will inevitably grow up and eventually create similar journeys for their own families, the will never be compelled to “let go.” THEY also will never forget – better together.

    Diet Coke Papa

    1. Ok. I have to teach you how to post to the blog.
      Thanks Diet Coke Papa. You always have a way of making me feel like a million bazzilion bucks. I hope you are right about the never letting go part. Better together forever.