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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Moment with The Babe-O

We have a nasty, rotten cold.
It has been cycling through our house.
Babe-O and I are fortunate enough to have it at the same time.
This means lots of cups of tea, lots of "spicy stuff" (an oil I use to help us breathe at night), and plenty of tissue. It also means Babe-O makes frequent trips to the "big bed" to visit me in the night. Last night he joined me for a sleepover. We blew our noses together, applied more spicy stuff, and propped ourselves up as high as we could on a stack of pillows.
In the quiet darkness and in between sniffles Babe-O said,
"This means we get to spend the whole night together snuggled up in the big bed. Won't that be fun?"

     Yes, my Babe-O. It's the most fun I have ever had being sick. 
     I hope you always want to be so close. I hope you always want to spend time with me to yourself.
     I know that time may be limited. 
    And when you no longer need me in the night I hope you will always know that I am still there. 
    When you have a cold you can take care of on your own, I hope that the smell of "spicy stuff" will    comfort you deeply and in a way you may never fully understand.
    And when I get sick and am without you, I am remembering this moment always.    

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