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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Top Five Excuses for My Absence

Maybe you have noticed that I have been slacking in the blog department?
Maybe you have missed me a little?
Maybe you have missed seeing my cute kids once in a while? 
Well, I am making a come back. Slowly. 
And I thought, maybe I should explain my absence a bit. 
So here are my top five reasons excuses for being absent. 

5. Birthday Parties 
My last post was April 8. That means 5 months have past! Babe-ala's First birthday was only a few days after that last post. First birthday's take lots of preparation folks! Well, any birthday takes lots of preparation if you want to do it right! And we did! It was absolutely a BEST THING! 

And just a few weeks ago was Babe-O's 4th birthday! It was Bat-tacular! 

Out of towners, multiple days of celebration including parties and beautiful cakes! (Yes, I made those myself!) So birthday bookends is my number five excuse. 

We have been busy!  Vacationing in the woods! Making a very first catch! Boat rides! Hog rides! Beach going and sun bathing! How amazing to get away from it all and have fun together!

3. Sabbatical. 
Diet Coke Papa is on sabbatical. This means lots more family fun! And when the Babes are sleeping we get to spend some time together, even if we are half asleep. So, I have spent that late night time with him, rather than here.

2. 12-17 months! 
Babe-ala is on the move! And it's hard to keep up! She is walking... running forwards and backwards. (As you can see she broke her arm in August.) She is sweet as ever and smiley (most of the time)! She is mischievous in all the best ways! She LOVES outside and playing and anything that Babe-O loves. She is saying all kinds of words. ("Bee-Bee" = birdie, "Nu Nu = Noodle," "Mango" = Mango, "Bob-O"= Babe-O,  "Moy" = More, "Dude" = Dude).  She brings so much laughter, fun, and action to our lives everyday. I can't believe how fast she is growing and how much my heart bursts with love when I look at these pictures. She deserves every minute of attention away from this blog that I can give her! 

1. As in, ONE MORE baby! 
Yup, ONE MORE baby on the way!

Our new baby girl is due on March 8th, 2015! 
How's that for a super late announcement! 
Anyway, morning sickness has passed. Fatigue is getting better. 
We are all excited for our new Babe! 

I am glad to be back. 
Thank you for the encouraging words while I have been gone! 
Keep coming back for more of our Best Things! (And you gotta love the kid pics!)

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