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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Keeping The Kids Clean: Part One

So here is what happened today.

We left our messy house to visit the grocery store.
Both kids had at least one article of clothing on that they had slept in.
Both kids had some remnants of breakfast either stuck in their hair or on their clothes.
Both kids had peanut butter and apples for a snack in the car on the way to the store.

I considered myself skilled to have gotten them dressed, in the car, and happily accompanying me to said store.

We shopped. A bit frantically, because I misjudged lunch time for snack time and the apple and peanut butter has not been enough to hold them over. They requested all of their favorite snacks and demanded to eat them right away. My shopping list went out the window and everything ended up in the cart.

Overall, I applauded myself on the way to the check out. This was a smooth trip. Babe-O helped out, picked out a few foods he wanted to eat. Only ran off once. Babe-ala stayed in the cart seat for half the trip and made it to the check out without gnawing a hole through the cracker box.
I'm doing awesome today.

Babe-O helped unload the cart and then even helped pack some groceries.
He made conversation with the cashier.
Babe-ala helped slide the debit card at just the right time.
Nobody is screaming.
I'm killing this.

At which point the cashier kindly states:

Cashier: (directly to Babe-ala) What's that in your hair? Paint? You must have had fun.

Me: No. That's yogurt. From breakfast. It was fun.

Cashier: (quietly and with dismay) Oh.

Me: (chuckle uncomfortably, try to avoid eye contact)

Cashier: (silently folds a paper towel in half and hands it to me).

Me: Oh. It's dried on. (Yes, folks I really did say this. As if to inform that the yogurt would not in fact come out of my baby's hair even if I tried to wipe it out. And then I proceeded to make a token effort to clean off Babe-ala's head.)

Babe-ala: (looks at me with confusion as if to say, "Why have you taken this paper towel from a stranger?")

Me (to Babe-ala): Sorry (as I put the paper towel down on the counter, neatly folded, as it was given to me).

I let her eat powdered donuts on the way home.
I had some too.


  1. You are indeed a mothering poet. I'm so glad to be part of this blogging experience with you. Glad to meet you and wishing you the best as you mother along.
    Laurie Hollman at Parental Intelligence

  2. Thanks for reading Laurie (and commenting)! Yes, it is nice to be a blogging along with other natural Mamas! Best to you as well.