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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cabin. Fever.

We are stuck in the cabin. 
We have fever(s). 
We want OUT! 

We want spring. We want the park and picnics. 
We want long walks and bike rides. 
We are crawling up the walls (as best we can with our reoccurring colds)
and dreaming and dreaming of nicer days ahead. 

So at some point we made a choice. 
We could embrace winter. Snuggle in and do wintry things.
Or we could stick our tongues out at winter and be BAD!  
We decided to be BAD! 
Do all kinds of things we aren't "supposed" to do in the winter (or maybe when your sick)! 

We took snowy/melty scooter and bike rides on a few days when the windchill was above zero. 

We played with our food! 
A beach made out of  blue jello and graham cracker crumbs!  Some cut up cucumber, orange slices, and potatoes make up the Great Barrier Reef. A few cut grapes stand in as jelly fish. Our trusty hammerhead shark swims in the water just off the shore while Wonder Woman takes in some sun. 

Couldn't resist feeding Babe-ala the shark! 

We had a midnight rock n' roll session with the kitchen pots and pans in the dark!  

Being sick really throws off our already way off sleep schedule! Nothing beats a VERY loud jam session except a jam session in the dark! (Oh and we had glowing balloons but they popped right away. Boo!)
Great idea Babe-O! 

We are pretty good at being bad! 
This is what we've been up to lately. How about you? 

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