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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Donut Chef

Donuts are perfect for birthday celebrations (of which we have had two in the last two weeks) and a great way for Mama to de-stress in the kitchen.  I love this kind of crazy involved cooking on a cold winter day. Also, donuts are the perfect way to serve up a little home-made gooey love.

I used a recipe for Raised Donuts from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. My Mom passed down this cookbook to me. It was printed in 1968 and it's covered in grease stains and flour. It's pages are all out of order because the book is a ring binder and a while ago the pages fell out.  I never bothered to put them back in order. It forces me to have to look through recipes to find what I want. It has discolored pictures of  jello molds and crown roasts. It reminds me of my Mom's kitchen and baking (or deep frying as it is for donuts) out of it for my family just makes me happy.
Notice, our tribute to the Winter Olympics!

Plus we LOVE books about donuts!

The Donut Chef by Bob Staake is a family favorite.
This book is about a chef who opens a donut shop and competes with a chef who opens up a shop next door to make the best donut. After experimenting with every shape, color, and flavor the most loved donut is a simple glazed. We love all of Staake's books for their awesome rhymes and content (and because most of them involve food or robots!) What better way to bring this book to life than to make donuts?! 

So we whipped up a batch and Babe-O became the donut chef by decorating (and devouring) his own donut.

Our second favorite donut book is Who Needs Donuts Anyway? by Mark Alan Stamaty This book is a psychedelic journey to the city of donuts. Where the main character, Sam, discovers that love is more important than donuts. It is a must read for anyone!!! The illustrations are amazing and the story is just perfect! What better way to bring this book to life than to deliver some home-made donuts to our neighbors?!

So there you. have. it. A bunch of donuts. A lot of sprinkles! Two books. Lots of GOOEY LOVE!
Wish you could have joined us!

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