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Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Deo!

In this family you are required to celebrate for at least two days when it's your birthday!
This is the first of a many celebrations for Deo this year.

Good friends and helpers.
The best fam-O EVER! (The one with the cutest Baby Party Girl!)
Mexican food for lunch.
Some new shoes! (Who doesn't love a new pair of shoes on their birthday?)
Some sunshine and doughnuts!

The only one missing is Home Skillet! Man do we miss him! Come home Home Skillet!
Babe-O says: " Come back Siriano! If you don't we are breaking down Italy!"

Thanks to Deo's birthday Babe-ala gets to taste doughnuts for the first time!

 AND just for the record:
It is quite possible that Deo doesn't love anyone as much as he loves The Babe-ala.
Be jealous people...
be very jealous!

Happy Birthday Deo! 
We love you! 

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