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Monday, February 3, 2014

Extra Yarn

We have been reading Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, illustrated Jon Klassen.
A great book! We. LOVE. it.

There are knitting needles, an archduke, Mr. Crabtree, a ship, a castle, three robbers and three ladders, several letter A's, a dog named Mars, and lots and lots of yarn. If that doesn't make for a great book I don't know what does.

So we did this little project to celebrate our newest favorite book.

I drew a few key elements/characters from the story onto Contact paper using a permanent marker. (Don't judge me. I did what I could in T - 2 seconds).

Gave Babe-O some "Extra Yarn" and some scissors.

Process over product folks! He loved being like Annabelle (the main character). And the sensory experience matched with the fine motor practice makes me feel good. It's a pretty quick set up and clean up. Perfect for a 3 year old and can be made into a more intricate process by an older child.

Another book come to life! Rawsome!

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