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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bub Bub Bubbles!

It is cold. Freezing. Below freezing. -13 with a windchill of -25 to be exact.
What else is there to do than play with bubbles?
We saw this experiment here. So we had to give it a try during Babe-ala's naptime since it was a "snow/extreme cold day" and Diet Coke Papa was home.

Truth be told, Babe-O was interested for the first one or two bubbles, then his cheeks got too cold and he went inside to observe from the window. Papa and I had the most fun with this one. Although Babe-O was fascinated when the bubbles didn't pop as they landed on the snow.

We made our own bubble solution with dish soap and water. We added a few drops of food coloring just for the added fun and beauty of rainbow bubbles. We also had a bottle of Crayola colored bubbles. The Crayola bubbles worked the best: more bubbles per blow and they froze more quickly without popping first. We will be experimenting with our cold weather bubble recipe. We'll let you know if we perfect it.

We have also been blowing a lot of bubbles indoors these days because, well, honestly, what is better than babies and bubbles? 
Nothing. Nothing is better than babies and bubbles.

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