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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Moment

My intentions this week did not match reality. I had posts prepared and ideas to write about. I was ready to post everyday. I am one post down and it's Saturday. How did that happen?

SO MUCH happened this week. Anise got some new very painful teeth! Our computer gotten eaten by internet aliens. Freezing temperatures kept us in most of the week but we had a play date with a new friend and tried out some new cookie recipes. We learned more about jellyfish and outer space! (Babe-O's latest fascinations!) We watched the new data relay satellite blast into space. We got a NEW (to us) van on Thursday evening! So to celebrate and get out of the house a little bit in a vehicle that has heat we took a trip to the toy store to spend a Christmas gift card. Here is our moment for the week.

Yea for cars! 

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