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Monday, January 20, 2014

Simple Supplies

Hours of fun for Babe-O and Deo began with popsicle sticks.
Babe-O found a jar of popsicle sticks of different colors and sizes and began "writing letters" on the floor. A is his favorite. T and H are also goodies.

Soon he moved his sticks to the table to play with Deo. More letters were made and popsicle stick drawings were created too (lots of wheels, triangles and cars).  Then "Elibet" the crazy haired Mama doll showed up with some scrap yarn and some play dough. Soon "Elibet" was skiing, sledding, and maneuvering bridges and tunnels, as well as dangling from ropes.

Deo created this cool structure and decorated it with yarn.
Even Babe-ala had fun with popsicle sticks! It makes her so happy to do the things the big guys are doing!

So much fun had by all! Spur of the moment, Babe-O led, and with such simple supplies!

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