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Thursday, January 9, 2014

At the Library.

We are at the library. It's a quarter to eight (at night). We are closing down this piece!

Diet Coke Papa's last few days of winter break so, we went on a day trip to a great Children's Museum. We stopped at a diner for dinner. (AWESOME - no cooking tonight!)

Neecy Bee fed herself  broccoli, meatloaf, potatoes, and lettuce. She LOVES lettuce. I wait, preparing myself to do baby Heimlich with every bite. I am so afraid that the lettuce will slide into her throat and block her windpipe. She always spits out bits of slimy lettuce and smiles at me.

Babe-O had junk food (mini corn dogs and french fries). Yes, I just posted gluten free banana cookies. No, I don't let him eat this crap often.

 Anyway, I am eating my dinner and watching Neecy Bee nibble on broccoli.
  I am like: 
          Ooohh, she's so sweet. Eating broccoli. This one's going to be so different. She will never eat deep fried hot dogs for dinner. She's going to eat vegetables. How cute is our baby girl, she's eating broccoli. "Look Diet Coke Papa."

Diet Coke Papa's like:
 " Look at her or at Babe-O?" 

I look up and see Elias with a hot dog hanging out of his mouth like a tongue and two fries, one dangling out of each ear. To reward him for this behavior, we laughed hysterically and bought him chocolate ice cream. He will be up until midnight, buzzing around the house and hanging on the curtains pretending to be Batman.*. We decided the best place for him to expend some sugar induced energy is the library. Makes perfect sense if you ask me. 

So here is how our grand entrance to said library went:
(In the main entrance where the check out desk is and all the kiosks for looking up books are located. Essentially the busiest part of the library.) 

Babe-O: (in a really loud voice) Mama, do you like me?
Mom-O: I love you.
Babe-O: (in a really loud voice)Yeah, but sometimes you yell at me.

Once again, laughed hysterically (perhaps to cover up guilt and embarrassment). Diet Coke Papa laughed so hard he farted (a few times). Yes, we are at the public library. (There I feel better, at least I didn't fart. I only got called out for yelling at my 3 year old.)

I need a long shower Ladies and Jungleman...a very long shower. 

* Following in the footsteps of my son... to be perfectly honest:
We will critique Babe-O for his poor eating habits, his deep and abiding love of sugar and salt, his politically incorrect behaviors and commentary, but we will go home and pat ourselves on the backs for his articulation and well developed vocabulary, his superior intellect, his creativity and above all his exceptional sense of humor. All my "yelling" hasn't totally spoiled him yet!

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