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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! 2014

A simple New Year's Eve:
Naps for all the babies in the afternoon, an appetizer party with some good friends in the evening, and a bubble party at home to welcome the New Year. A quiet farewell to a challenging yet spectacular year.

The days leading up to New Year's 2014:
A time to remember all the birth, growth, and happiness our family has experienced this year. Especially, this year! In spite of health issues, car issues, home repair issues, work issues, money issues - oh! there have been SO MANY issues this year. We have thrived.

A time to revisit the goodness and joy we share. First, lamenting the challenges (gotta get that out of the way). Then watching home videos, looking at pictures of  baby Neecy Bee, taking time to sit back and enjoy the maturing and imaginative goings on of The Babe-O, reviewing Deo's accomplishments. Making and crafting together! A snowman, a snowbot, some magical stained glass bunting.

Sending out our hopes and goals for the New Year together with our beautiful New Year's flags. (This idea for stained glass bunting came from The Artful Parent. We experimented and added our "word of the year." I will share our New Year's Flag process soon.) A great project for everyone to enjoy making and to remind us, daily, of the loveliness we can create together.

Even Papa got in on the artmaking!
A project for all to enjoy.


Bye 2013! We'll see ya next time!

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